Our Story

It all started with a gift which we never found..

Our love and passion for watches, which is for us much more than a simple accessory, gave us the idea to offer a watch case for our best friend's birthday. We wanted to offer him an elegant and modern case that would take care of his watches at home and while travelling the world.

Living in Switzerland, the country of watch-making, we assumed this would be as easy as finding a chocolate store in Geneva.
However, after spending an entire month looking for it without success, we realized that something was missing.
A modern, multifunctional and customizable watch case that reflects our generation and the swiss “know how”.
That’s why we asked ourselves, “why not create it ?”

Through this project, we wanted to share our passion for watch-making but also for our beloved country, Switzerland. After all, this is where we found our inspiration, in our roots. Growing up between the lake and the mountains, we fell in love with its breathtaking landscapes and peacefulness, along with the people’s respect, unparalleled sense of hospitality and of course their punctuality.

As one of our main goals is to always put the customer
first, our emphasis is not only on producing high-quality products that are the reflection of Swiss excellence, but also on offering the highest quality customer service by sharing our Swiss sense of hospitality and attention to details, to provide a real experience which elicit emotions such as passion, satisfaction and wonder to our clients.