Reinterpreting watch cases

About Timenest

Born in Geneva, Timenest is a Swiss brand reinterpreting watch cases to take care of people’s timepieces and make them travel the world. Timenest is a brand devoted to protect and highlight watches in a unique and modern way. Born from a passion for Swiss distinction, our cases are designed and developed in Geneva to safely and conveniently store watches and jewellery both at home and when travelling.

Driven by passion, our mission is to create a portfolio of unique watch cases that combine attractive, high-quality designs which also place an emphasis on practicality and multi-functionality, while offering a unique experience for the client. More than attractive, our watch cases are also created to take utmost care of people’s watches. Furthermore, we offer personalization based on the individual customer’s preferences.

Our Values

At Timenest, our core values are excellence, innovation, accessibility and transparency. We are dedicated to offering a high level of experience to our clients, to ensure they are left with a customised product that makes them feel valued.

Why Timenest ?

At timenest, we care about your watches.

We believe that the watches and jewellery you are wearing symbolize more than just an object. They can represent a wedding, an heritage, a graduation, a birthday or simply a madness, and as Oscar Wilde said “Madness is the only thing we never regret.”

But over all, they are priceless souvenirs and a footprint over time which need to be cherished. Based on this idea of caring, a “nest” means a secure place of rest, retreat and protection. This is exactly what we aim to create at Timenest, a trustworthy case where your watches can rest safely and serenely at home and while discovering the world.