Designed in Switzerland, Handcrafted in France & Italy

We combine the Swiss precision and attention to detail, with the French know how and finest leather, to create a unique product and ensure the highest level of quality. We also bring the Italian touch and their know how, by partnering with the best marble artisans from Verona.


At Timenest, we believe that luxury is about high-quality materials and savoir faire. Based on this idea, we are seeking for only the highest quality artisans for each material, using the finest leather from France, Alcantara® from Italy as well as Marble directly from Verona in order to ensure the highest level of quality and precision.

Moreover, it is very important for us to source our materials only in Europe and being completely transparent with our customers by showing the origins of each material and the artisan behind them.

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Multifunctional & customizable

Stand out from the crowd. Make it Unique

Timenest offers the perfect association between an elegant case to store and highlight your watches and Jewellery at home,  while also being a light and practical accessory used to travel.  Our products are crafted with utmost care from only the finest materials and come in different size and colours that you can assemble to create your own Nest.

Create your own nest

The perfect gift

As you have probably exeperienced yourself, finding the perfect gift represents a real challenge. This is why we designed a product as much for men as for women, which enables you to create your ideal gift by assembling different parts and customizing it according to your preferences. We let your creativity shine to create your own nest and please your loved ones.

Home away from home

Watches and jewellery symbolize more than just an object. They follow your life journey wherever time takes you and are priceless souvenirs and a footprint over time which need to be cherished.

Based on this idea of caring, a “nest” symbolizes a secure place of rest, retreat and protection. This is exactly what we aim to create at Timenest, a trustworthy case where your watches can rest safely and serenely, at home and when travelling.


It all started with a gift which we never found.

Our love and passion for watches, which is for us much more than a simple accessory, gave us the idea to offer a watch case for our best friend's birthday. We wanted to offer him an elegant and modern case that would take care of his watches at home and while travelling the world...

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