We are using the finest calfskin leather from France, which comes from one of the most renowned Tannery recognized since 1946 for the traditional know-how of high-end calfskin fabrication. Their expertise is recognized by the State of France with the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), a sign or recognition that shows their sustainable impact on their community and their engagement to artisanal know-how and industry excellence.

The leather we are using is one of the most qualitative and exclusive leather, used by the most prestigious French luxury brands.  It is a mineral tanned leather, with a full grain that is pigmented with a matte appearance.

This specific leather is extremely resistant and especially made for leather goods such as watch cases, thanks to its robustness which allows you carry it anywhere. 


Statuario is one of the most qualitative and exclusive marble, it has been used for the statue of Michelangelo, the great mosque of Saudi Arabia and other famous monuments. It is limited It terms of quantity and difficult to manufacture which makes it very exclusive.



Our passion and dedication to work only with the highest
quality materials brought us to Verona (Italy), to collaborate with CITCO, one of the best marble artisan. This family owned company, working with famous artists, designers and architects such as Anish Kapoor, Ora Ito, Jean Nouvel and Zaha Hadid, is renowned worldwide for providing the most exclusive marble and know-how.

For our product, we are using two types of marble, StatuarioCarrara and Bardiglio Grigio Trambiserra.


Bardiglio Grigio Trambiserra is an italian marble from the apuan alps featuring light white veining on a soft grey background. As we are using natural stones, each slab has variations in texture, color, and veining. Therefore, each piece will be different and unique.


The Nest is 100% handcrafted in France. From sanding the wooden case, to cutting the leather, fixing the hinges, sheathing the leather and Alcantara® and even painting the logo on the button, every step is handmade by specialized artisans.

Each Nest requires more that 25 steps and about 2 hours to be assembled. Once finished, each nest goes into a strict quality control to ensure the highest level of quality and durability.

Moreover, as the nest has been created to travel the world, the product is regularly tested in a special room that simulates different climatic condition to ensure a high resistance.

Marble tray

The Marble tray is handmade in Verona (Italy). The marble slab is inserted into a machine to create the shape of the product before being completely handcrafted by marble craftsmen. Each piece of marble is being carved, sanded, and polished all by hand to ensure the highest level of precision to be able to fit perfectly with the Nests.

The trays are going into a strict quality control to make sure that the marble is perfectly polished and doesn’t have any impurities as we are only using natural stones.